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Memorializing A Loved One: Videos, Slideshows & Books

One of the hardest moments and experiences a person can go through is losing a loved one and feeling like their memories will be forgotten.

Allow me to show you some of the various ways you can keep their flame burning, and share their life and legacy with your loved ones.

As we know, both adults and kids are drawn to the visuals. A fabulous way to preserve a lifetime is through video.

Memorial Slideshows, interviews or moments from their lifetime, or filming the tender moments of the funeral help bring everyone together.

Whether having their journals transcribed, or compiling a life story with pictures. There are endless possibilities. You can focus on just the funeral and remembrance or even use emails along with pictures and documents to form a life sketch.

Above is a visual of just a few of the remembrance items. The remembrance book features the talks, programs, photos, and social media messages of that time. You can also put all of their lifetime together on a disk to share with family or share their memorial slideshow or funeral audio. A smart idea is always to have the video file as well that you can put on a YouTube channel to share with others.

Filming and photographing the tender moments of a funeral can be a wonderful way for those who were able to attend or even those who were unable to attend to share in those moments.

Video Examples

Here are some of the most recent Memorial Slideshows that have been done, they are a great way at the funeral service or after to share precious moments and memories:

Below are 2 examples of the funeral compilations mentioned above.

There are endless ways as I have mentioned to preserve memory. Recently I lost a loved one and to keep their memory alive I made them a separate YouTube channel that features just their videos and moments from their short life. On the channel the memorial slideshow and funeral were also featured, keeping all of their moments in one place.

Please contact Past & the Present to help keep the memories of your loved ones alive!

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