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5 Great Gifts to Give Your Loved Ones this Holiday Season

Do you have trouble coming up with presents… it can be intimidating and hard to shop for your loved ones. It is easy to give people miscellaneous presents, but there is something that is special about giving them a memorable gift that will bring incredible emotions and show them love.

Let me help you take some of the trouble in coming up with an idea and give some great suggestions. Here are just 5 great examples that make great gifts for the holidays or other important times of the year.

1) Legacy Book & Video

You will never regret getting an interview done of your loved ones. Being able to capture their stories whether in a book or on video will be something you can hold on to for a lifetime and also share with future generations.

2) Family Yearbook & Yearbook Videos

There is nothing that brings greater joy to kids then to be able to look back at a book of their memories. Every day we make memories with our kids and loved ones sending pictures, emails, text messages and so much more. What if you took those interactions and put them into a book or video or an eBook for your family to view. There is power in being able to share memories.

3) Digitized Memories – Photos, Documents, Video & Cassettes

Having your memories sitting in boxes is more common than you think. Sadly in a cardboard box files will eventually deteriorate and there is also the possibility of varmints. Memories are meant to be shared and not just sit on a shelf. Pull out your boxes and get your memories digitized. The files are all safely stored after digitization in archival containers and all of your memories are stored on a flash drive.

4) Ancestor Book

Gathering your ancestor’s photos, letters, journals and creating a story of their lives or simply creating a high-quality memory book is a fantastic gift for all your loved ones and relatives. Help keep your family memories alive and their stories going by sharing them in a book or eBook.

5) Family Tree

There is nothing better sometimes than visually seeing the line of ancestors to help you appreciate where you came from. Whether you prefer a traditional looking family tree or the custom tree ring family tree we offer, we can help you layout your history.

We know that these kinds of gifts take some time, so contact us at Past and the Present to get started on those gifts today so that you are all ready for the holiday season.

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